2022 – 2. Prize and special prize for the best mazurkas at the XII International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition in Darmstadt

2021 – participation in the Preliminary Round of the XVIII International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw (Poland)

2020 – finalist of the 50th National Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw (Poland)

2019 – finalist of the 20th International Kiejstut Bacewicz Chamber Music Competition in Łódź (Poland)

2019 – 1. Prize at the VI Intercollegiate Chamber Music Competition for Duos in Katowicach (Poland)

2016 – 1. Prize  at the „Grand Prize International Music Competition” in London (England)

2016 – II Prize at the National Władysław Kędra Piano Competition in Łodź (Poland)

2015 – honourable mention at the 1st National Piano Competition „Chopin pod Wawelem” in Kraków (Poland)

2015 – III Prize and Special Prize at the IV Pomeranian National Piano Competition  in Szczecin (Poland)

2014 – II Prize at the 22th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition for Children and Youth in Szafarnia (Poland)

2013 – III Prize at the Regional Piano Competition „Czerwcowe dźwiękobranie” in Wieliczka (Poland)

2013 – honourable mention at the VI National Chamber Music Competition for music schools in Katowice (Poland)

2012 – honourable mention at the 12th International Juliusz Zarębski Competition in Warsaw-Łomianki (Poland)

2011 – I Prize at the International Competition for Young Performers “Art of the 21st Century”. in Vienna (Austria)

2011 – honourable mention at the VIII International Festival for Young Pianists in Głubczyce (Poland)

2006 – II Prize at the  3rd Interschool Competition „Z tańcem przez wieki” in Jaworzno (Poland)